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A. For Teachers of Catholic Schools:

1. Today’s Crisis of Character and Faith: The Catholic School Solution

2. The Distinctive Identity of Catholic Schools: The Teacher as Alter Christus, Ipse Christus

3. Raising Prayerful Children Who Love the Sacraments: Developing Piety Among the Youth

4. Building Moral Intelligence: Virtues That Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing

B. General Audience

1. Urgency of Character Formation

  • This is what we have been giving as an introductory course. From this seminar, the participants are expected to make Character Ed as a top priority. It helps participants understand the real situation of the youth today, and see why character education is more urgent than ever.

2. Transforming Schools Through Character Formation: The 11 Principles

  • This is an overview of the 11 Principles of Effective Character, with significant focus on the foundational steps for systemic change. This work includes looking at existing school culture and “hidden curriculum,” the importance of establishing common core ethical values used to guide judgment and decision-making, and understanding how character is formed. This seminar is for Administrators, Principals and Coordinators of schools that are interested in undergoing NSOC Accreditation.

3. Cutting-Edge Strategies for Character Formation

  • This 3-hour seminar puts together remarkable practices, innovative programs and easily doable strategies for teachers of all subjects to achieve effective character formation inside the classroom. Main ideas come from award-winning world-class educators like Rafe Esquith and Ron Clark.

4. Creating a Kind and Caring Classroom

  • Don’t just reject bullying, “replace” it with kindness and a caring culture that you can successfully create in your school if you follow strategies and systems from highly successful schools in the world. Most of these strategies do not cost a single centavo. You only need teachers who understand clearly that their job is not just to teach a subject. They have a sense of mission and know full well that teaching is not just hard work, it’s heart work!

5. Digital Citizenship: Pornography, Cyberbullying, and Other On-Line Concerns

  • Technology is here to stay. There’s just no way of preventing it from shaping the mindset and attitude of the young people, who are correctly described as digital natives. As teachers, our job is make sure that these young people entrusted to our care become responsible users of technology, always in control, and strong in upholding their values in the wired world. 

6. What It Takes to Become a School of Character: Best Practices from Award-Winning Schools

  • The 11 Principles of Character Education Partnership (now based in Washington DC, USA are proven ways to transform a school to become a kind and caring school, oriented towards forming character so that students become smart and good people. Learn from the best practices of 5 schools in the Philippines that have been elevated to “Schools of Character”.

7. Building Moral Intelligence

  • Our students’ character is in trouble and scores of disturbing indicators prove it including the steady rise of anxiety, bullying, apathy, depression, aggression, and substance abuse, as well as the sharp decline in respect, civility, personal accountability, and honesty. In all our efforts to boost achievement and reduce negative behaviors, the one element we’ve overlooked is our students’ moral intelligence: the learned capacity to decipher right from wrong, choose what’s right, and then behave morally. This seminar, based on Dr. Michele Borba’s award-winning book, Building Moral Intelligence, shares research confirming that character can be learned, provides a framework for teaching it, and shows simple no-cost ways to integrate moral intelligence builders into existing content as well as school-wide. 

8. Teaching for Impact

  • The best way to nurture character is not through a poster contest or an isolated lesson but weaving it into curriculum content. This seminar explains new research that children’s success is made up of habits that are teachable! Best yet, the habits of success are also the habits of solid character. Learn the ten habits that cutting-edge research finds are correlated to our children’s success (like Grit, Self-Control, Perspective Taking, Problem Solving, Empathy) as well as dozens of examples to integrate them into daily teaching practices. Participants leave with practical ideas and field-tested strategies that can be incorporated easily into existing content to mobilize students’ hearts and minds!

9. Classroom Management: Once and for All, You Can Solve That Discipline Problem

  • This 3-hour seminar equips the teachers with a variety of strategies and proven methods of effective classroom management techniques that can turn even the rowdiest class into a high performing successful team. The main body of the presentation is from Dr. Harry Wong, author of the most successful book on classroom management, “First Days of School”.

10. Improving School Climate: Fighting Bullying; Fostering Kindness

  • The Seminar is designed to proactively address the problem of bullying in all its forms through tried-and-tested means. Participants will be equipped to reinforce in their respective schools the core of effective character education: promoting positive behavior through all phases of school life, bringing out the best in students, teaching what’s right before something goes wrong, setting  high standards, holding everyone - kids and adults – accountable, and celebrating success.

11. Empowering Students to Prevent Bullying: A Seminar-Workshop for High School Student Officers

  • One of the most effective ways to prevent bullying and improve school climate is to make the students themselves own the responsibility. This seminar-workshop is designed to equip student leaders (i.e., Student Council Officers, Club Presidents, informal campus leaders, etc.) with the necessary skills and tools to take the lead in promoting kindness in campus. To provide support and continuity, the participants will become part of a group that will continue networking and sharing experiences and best practices even after the seminar.

11. Project Management for Student Officers: A Seminar-Workshop for Student Council Officers (College and High School)

  • This workshop is designed to equip student leaders with one of the most crucial skills they need to succeed as leaders: project management. Participants will learn the step-by-step process of writing a project proposal, implementing it and evaluating its effectiveness. To provide support and continuity, the participants will become part of a group that will continue networking and sharing experiences and best practices even after the seminar.

12. Teachers as Agents of Character Formation 

  • This seminar disposes teachers to take very seriously their task of forming the character of their students by being models of virtues. Designed for all teachers following the principle that every teacher must be an agent of character formation, the program aims to inspire educators to make an impact in the lives of their students.

13. Nobility of the Teaching Profession 

  • This seminar is designed to inspire the teachers and remind them of the very important role that they play in the molding of the minds of the future generation. Through a stirring talk interspersed with powerful life-changing videos, the seminar disposes the teachers to take heart their mission of being the “Master Teachers” they are called to become.

14. How to Achieve Quality Character Education in K-12 Schools (The 11 Principles of CEP Philippines) 

  • This full-day seminar serves as an effective guide for educators interested in starting or improving character formation initiatives in their respective schools. It provides an in-depth look at the 11 Principles which CEP uses in accrediting “Schools of Character”.

15. Advisory and Class Mentoring: Conjuring the Spirit of the Class

  • This seminar is designed specifically for Class Advisers and Club Moderators who are in a position to greatly impact the character formation of students. 

16. Best Practices From Around the World: Proven Strategies from Award-Winning Schools of Character

  • The Seminar takes a look at what some of the best schools in the world are doing to push character formation. Many of these ideas come from schools in the US that have been granted the “School of Character” status.

17. Lessons from the Classroom: 20 Things Good Teachers Do

  • Based on the book of Hal Urban, this seminar summarizes transformative ideas from one of the pillars of Character Formation in the US today. It is said that if there’s only one book you need to buy on character education, this is the one. Participants will be able to purchase a copy at a greatly discounted price.

C. For Companies/Professionals

1. Urgency of Character Formation and Professionalism

  • The seminar emphasizes the urgency of prioritizing character formation at home and in the work place. The presentation inspires the participants to make professionalism not just an option, but possibly one of the greatest legacies they will have to leave behind. Considered by some as life-changing, the module is a perfect introduction to the CEP professional series.

2. Ethics in the Workplace

  • It is not enough to simply be efficient and productive. It is even more important to be a good person. An essential aspect of being a good professional is being able to work with ethics, following the right moral principles. This seminar equips the participants with universal values that make them ethical workers.

3. Productivity and Character

  • One of the fruits of being a professional of character is increased productivity and efficiency. It is not a matter of applying formulas to one's daily routine. Becoming a productive person requires a constant struggle to live the virtues in one's workplace, making ethical choices in the face of various challenges that come one's way.

4. The Habits of Professionals of Character

  • This seminar presents an "inside-out" approach to effectiveness that is centered on principles and character. The change has to start within oneself. The module helps the participants to make the 7 habits a part of their system.

5. Building Moral Intelligence at Home

Work-Life Balance

6. Virtues for Success at Work and in Life

7. Program for Personal and Professional Growth: A Strategy for Success

8. Improving Communication Skills: Write and Speak Better

9. WANTED: Catalyst - Making an Impact in Society

Special Topics:

  1. Two-day Retreat for Teachers consisting of 5 Modules:

    1. Repentance and Conversion

    2. Life of Prayer

    3. Character for Sanctity

    4. Productivity and Professionalism

    5. Making a New Start in the Spiritual Life and in Professional Life

  2. Various Topics for Parents

    1. Parenting the Wired Generation

    2. Combatting the Culture of Softness

    3. Preparing Your Children for First Communion

    4. Preparing Your Children for Confirmation

    5. Teaching Children to Pray

Seminars and Modules: Welcome
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